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Aligning Financial Supervisory Structures with Country Needs

Objectives (selected)

Selecting the right supervisory model is an important strategic decision for a government or financial authority. This conference aims to help policymakers and supervisors that are considering, or that have already embarked on a transformation of their regulatory architecture. Participants will benefit from sharing experiences with each other, and learning about the motivations, successes and failures of other countries that have transformed their supervisors. Several key questions will be addressed:

  • How can policymakers select the appropriate regulatory structure?
  • How can supervisors and policymakers best manage the transition between structures?
  • What are the key steps to make a regulatory structure work?

The process of choosing an appropriate regulatory structure can be a very emotive one and can be tinged by political factors. Moreover, advisory and consultants in this field may also bring their own biases to the issue. The conference will therefore try to bring as much objectivity as possible to the question of aligning supervisory structure to country needs by looking at the lessons of experience in range of countries.


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