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Market based Rural Finance and Risk Management

March 24-26, linking 7 sites in China and Washington DC

This was a Distance Learning (DL) course that used the Bank's Global Development Learning Network System. The course was jointly designed and organized by WBI’s Finance Sector Learning Program, and China Banking Association, held on March 24-26 which linked 7 remote sites in China (Beijing, Chongqing, Gansu, Qinghai, Guangxi, Guizhou, and Sichuan1 and Sichuan2) and Washington DC.

The objective of the course was to enhance skills for credit analysis and risk management in the rapidly changing environment of rural finance in China. This DL course focused on the basic principles and functions of market-based rural finance systems, its roles in promoting faster and more equitable growth; and the tools and methodologies of credit analysis, risk management and credit scoring; and the importance of innovative methods in delivering economic services to rural areas for expanding credit access while minimizing credit risks. It also introduced international experiences on rural lending decisions based on commercial principles through case studies. In addition to WBI-Finance team, official from the People's Bank of China and China Banking Regulatory Commission were invited to enhance participants' understanding of China’s financial sector strategy. Staff from World Bank's Beijing Office and International Finance Corporation-Chengdu Office also gave their perspectives on reforms needed. Local facilitators were selected by China Banking Association to facilitate interactive group discussions in each site.

This course brought together 512 participants from the rural financial institutions in the seven sites. A follow-up event was held on April 7-9, for which three DL sites (XinJiang, Inner Mongolia, and Xiamen) was linked and 150 participants attended.  For both events, participants provided very positive feedback and demanded more of such courses.

The presentation of the different speakers can be viewed using Adobe Reader. Please visit the Adobe website to get your copy.

Session 1A - March 24Introduction of China’s Rural Finance SystemYan Wang
Session 1B - March 24Rural Finance In Turbulent TimesRenate Kloeppinger-Todd
Session 2 - March 24Chinese Credit Reporting System in Rural AreasXiaoLei Wang
Session 3 - March 25Basic Concepts in Credit Risk ManagementArvind Gupta
Session 4 - March 25China’s Strategies for the Development of New Types of  Yonghua Jiang
  Rural Finance Systems and Institutional Reforms on Rural Finance 
Session 5A - March 25Credit Risks in Working Capital and Equipment LoansArvind Gupta
Session 5B - March 25     Credit Scoring, Credit Report System and RegulationHelen Z.H. Lai 
Session 6 - March 25Rural Collateral Reform in ChinaJinchang Lai 


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Session 1A - March 24
Session 1B - March 24
Session 2 - March 24
Session 3 - March 25
Session 4 - March 25
Session 5A - March 25
Session 5B - March 25
Session 6 - March 25