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Picture of Maria-Luisa EscobarProgram Leader 
Maria-Luisa Escobar

Team Members (in alphabetical order)

Picture of Julie Ann Doherty 
Julie Ann Doherty
Picture of Stephane Henri Legros
Stephane Legros
Picture of S Tatyana Ringland
Tatyana Ringland
Joy de Beyer smallJoy de Beyer 
Picture of Tazeem MawjiTazeem S. Mawji
Picture of Sadowtu WaneSawdatou Wane
Picture of ElmendorfA. Edward ElmendorfPicture of Thomas W. MerrickThomas W. MerrickPicture of R. Paul Shaw
R. Paul Shaw
Picture of C. Jo Hindriks StolkerC.Jo Hindriks
Photograph of Mary MugalaMary Mugala
Picture of Gaston Sorgho
Gaston Sorgho
Picture of Hadia A.KaramHadia Samaha Karam
Picture of Yvonne NkrumahYvonne Nkrumah
Picture of Chialing YangChialing Yang
Picture of Isabel Rocha Pimenta
Isabel R. Pimenta















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