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The Flagship Program on Health Sector Reform and Sustainable Financing

This program was launched in 1996. The principal goal of the Flagship Program is to provide intensive, state-of-the-art knowledge and training on options for health sector development, including lessons learned and best practices from country experience.  The overall course aims to complement Bank lending with learning by developing national capacities to:

  • Better appreciate options for improving the performance of national health systems with emphasis on improving the health of the poor;
  • Better appreciate inter-sectoral issues that impact on health system performance and reproductive health;
  • Empower Bank client countries to implement policies and programs that will render their national health systems more equitable, efficient, qualitative and financially sustainable;
  • Strengthen the capacities of national institutions and networks of professionals in Bank client countries and regions so they can take the lead in designing, implementing and sustaining programs that aim to improve performance of the health system. 


The program is widely offered at regional level through regional partner institutions as well as through customization at the country level.


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