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International Conference on Technology Innovation, Private Sector Development, and Economic Growth

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Hangzhou , China , May 25-27, 2005


Knowledge and technology have become the key drivers of economic growth and international competitiveness. Being the fastest growing economy, China has successfully won the global race in the manufacturing sector, however, it needs to move up on the global value chain in order to be truly a global player.


In order to share Korean and global experiences on technology innovation and growth, the WBI K4D program, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Economic Construction and Development Promotion Commission, with the cosponsorship of KDI trust fund program, jointly held an international conference on "Technology Innovation, Private Sector Development, and Economic Growth" in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, which is the most dynamic place in China in terms of private sector development.


The conference was attended by around 100 people – about 30 government officials, 30 private sector representatives, 25 from academia, 6 from international organizations, and about 10 from public media. It consisted of 10 sessions (including the opening and keynote presentations), which covered a broad range of topics:


  • Knowledge, technology and growth
  • Institutional support for technology innovation
  • Technology innovation and enterprise development
  • Financing innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Linking S&T to the production sector
  • Technology and industrial development
  • New explorations of innovation system and strategy
  • Technology innovation & regional development

For more information, please read  the full program and agenda. (PDF, 87Kb)


Back-to-Office Report


arrowTechnology Innovation, Private Sector Development, and Economic Growth.  Zhihua Zeng, Knowledge for Development Program, WBI. (PDF, 41Kb)


Keynote Presentations


arrowInnovation and Competition in a New Global Context: Challenges and Opportunities for Asia.  Carl Dahlman, Georgetown University . (PDF, 914Kb)


Knowledge, Technology and Growth


arrowEducation, Science, Technology, and Innovation.   Alfred Watkins, Science and Technology Program Coordinator, World Bank. (PDF, 86Kb)


arrowHow Technology and Knowledge Drive Economic Growth? Cases of China and India.  Douglas Zhihua Zeng, Knowledge for Development Program, WBI. (PDF, 167Kb)


Institutional Support for Technology Innovation and Private Sector Development


arrowBuilding Good Institutions for China’s Technological Progress and Hi-Tech Industries Development.  Shi-Ji Gao, Senior Fellow and Deputy Director General, Development Research Centre of the State Council, China . (PDF, 548Kb)


arrowGovernment’s Skills Development Policies for Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises in Korea. Kye Woo Lee, Professor of Economics,Ewha University , Korea . (PDF, 216Kb)


Technology Innovation and Enterprise Development


arrowTowards Indigenous Innovation: Pathways for Chinese Firms. Chen Jin,   Prof.,

Research Center for Innovation and Development, Zhejiang University . (PDF, 994Kb)


arrowTechnology Innovation in Jusung Engineering.  JUSUNG Engineering. (PDF, 1.34Mb)


arrowCreation, Innovation & Growth.  Max Yao, CEO, Focused Photonics, Inc. (PDF, 104Kb)


arrowSunyard Innovation Experience.  Huaqiang Guo, Board Chairman, Sunyard. (PDF, 641Kb)


Financing Innovation and Entrepreneurship


arrowFinancing Technology-based Firms in Korea.  Jeong-suk Koh, Ilshin Investment Co., Ltd. (PDF, 160Kb)


Linking Science & Technology to the Production Sector


arrowConnecting Science to Innovation: A key Task for Achieving Sustainable Growth. Jean Guinet, OECD. (PDF, 214Kb)


KAIST’s Role of Technology into Business in Korea . Jun-Ho Oh. Director, High Technology Venture Division, Prof., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.


arrowConcentration and Separation of R&D with Production: Lessons from MNC R&D in China. Xue, Lan, Prof., School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University . (PDF, 175Kb)


Technology and Industrial Development


arrowDevelopment of ICT Sector in Korea.  Dong-pyo Hong. Korea Information Strategy Development Institute. (PDF, 438Kb)


arrowInnovation Opportunity in China’s Industrial Base under FDI Framework.   Xiangdong Chen, Prof., The School of Economics & Management,Beijing  University of Aeronautics & Astronautics. (PDF, 448Kb)


New Explorations of Innovation System & Strategy


arrowDisruptive Innovation: An Appropriate Innovation Strategy For The Developing Countries.  Chang Chieh Hang, Prof., National University of Singapore . (PDF, 262Kb)


arrowCapability Building for Indigenous Innovation and Economic Development - Some Considerations on Development Strategy of China.  Mu Rongping, Prof.,  Institute of Policy and Management , Chinese Academy  of Sciences. (PDF, 1.34Mb)


arrowEnvironment Analysis of Self-Determination Innovation with Three-Factor Model of National Innovation System.  Jizhong  Zhou, Chaoying  Tang, Teng  Liu, Center for S&T Innovation Management, Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. (PDF, 644Kb)


arrowFrom Secondary and Portfolio Innovation to Total Innovation Management.  Xu Qingrui, Prof, RCID,Zhejiang  University . (PDF, 2.12Mb)


Technology Innovation and Regional Development


arrowTechnology Innovation and Economic Growth, Korean Experiences.  Sungchul Chung

Senior Fellow, Science and Technology Policy Institute. (PDF, 181Kb)


arrowBuilding Innovation System to Upgrade Shanghai Innovation Capability.  XieFuji , Prof.,  Shanghai Jiao Tong University . (PDF, 194Kb)



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