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Knowledge Economy Assessments


Comprehensive KE Assessments

bullet point for eventsTurning Qatar into a Competitive Knowledge-Based Economy. (PDF, 367Kb) May 2007. For more information see the launching event.


bullet point for eventsKorea as a Knowledge Economy: Evolutionary Process and Lessons Learned. Edited by Joonghae Suh and Derek H. C. Chen. WBI Development Studies, August 2007. 


bullet point for eventsJapan, Moving toward a More Advanced Knowledge Economy. Edited by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Tsutomu Shibata. WBI Development Studies, July 2006.


bullet point for eventsFinland as a Knowledge Economy: Elements of Success and Lessons Learned. Overview.   November 2005. For more information, see the relevant seminar. (PDF, 161Kb)  


bullet point for eventsIndia and the Knowledge Economy: Leveraging Strengths and Opportunities. 2005.


bullet point for eventsChina and the Knowledge Economy: Seizing the 21st Century. 2001 (PDF, 621Kb). Also download the book  overview. (PDF, 111Kb)


bullet point for eventsRepublic of Korea: Transition to a Knowledge-Based Economy. 2000. (PDF, 12.3Mb)



Enhanced KE Assessments


bullet point for eventsBenchmarking Slovakia’s Readiness for the Knowledge Economy. 2004.


bullet point for eventsKnowledge Economies in the Middle East and North Africa -Toward New Development Strategies.  2003. (PDF, 1.39Mb)


bullet point for events Tanzania in the Knowledge Economy: Fostering Innovation, Productivity, and Technological Change.  2006.



Preliminary Benchmarking KE Assessments

bullet point for events Qatar.  2007.

bullet point for eventsMongolia. 2004.

bullet point for events Malaysia. 2006.

bullet point for eventsTanzania. 2004.

bullet point for events Senegal. 2006.

bullet point for eventsEl Salvador. 2003.

bullet point for eventsTurkey. 2006.

bullet point for eventsGhana. 2003.

bullet point for eventsIndia. 2004-2005.







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