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Knowledge Economy Presentations

Key recent presentations made by the K4D team on the Knowledge Economy. For more presentations, please visit Learning Materials.


bullet point for events Global Search, Local Innovation Clusters Redesigning Diaspora Programs (PDF, 709Kb), Yevgheny Kuznetsov. New Delhi, India, March 2008.


bullet point for events Leveraging Talent Abroad for Home Country Development: Lessons from Asia and Europe for Pilot Diaspora Networks in Latin America  (PDF, 1021Kb). This presentation by Yevgeny Kuznetsov, Senior Economist, Knowledge for Development Program, reviewed experiences of recent pilot initiatives to leverage technical talent from Latin American economies to promote innovation at home. February 2007.


bullet point for events International Migration of Talent and Home Country Development: Towards Virtuous Cycle (PDF, 853Kb).Yevgeny Kuznetsov, Senior Economist, Knowledge for Development Program. Presentation on Diaspora networks as a tool to open up and reform national innovation systems. June 2006.


bullet point for eventsThe Challenge of Lifelong Learning for Education Finance in China (PDF, 1291Kb). This presentation by Carl Dahlman, Douglas Zhihua Zeng and Shuilin Wang was delivered at the conference on “Public Finance for a Harmonious Society.” Beijing, China, June 26, 2006.


bullet point for eventsRole of Innovation in Economic Growth: Towards a Pragmatic Innovation Agenda  (PDF, 1311Kb). Yevgeny Kuznetsov, International Conference “Planning of Reforms and Institutional Changes in Russia,” Saint-Petersburg, Russia.  October 2005.


bullet point for eventsKnowledge and Development, An Empirical Analysis (PDF, 174Kb). Derek Chen,  K4D Brownbag Seminar. January 2005.

bullet point for eventsThe Challenge of Knowledge Economy for Education and Training in China: Developing the Architecture for an Effective Life Long Learning System (PDF, 1274Kb). Carl Dahlman, Life Long Learning International Forum, China. December 2004.

bullet point for eventsChile: Towards a Pragmatic Innovation Agenda (PDF, 1491Kb).  Carl Dahlman and Yevgeny Kuznetsov. This presentation was done at the request of the Ministry of Finance of Chile, in preparation for a Development Policy Review for Chile. November 2004.

bullet point for eventsPresentation to the Board of Executive Directors: Knowledge Assessment Methodology and Knowledge Economy Work  Presentation (PDF, 373Kb) and Briefing (PDF, 380Kb), November 2004.

bullet point for eventsMeasuring a Country's Ability to Access and Use Knowledge Effectively: The Importance of Global Knowledge Networks  Robert Whyte. K4D participated in the annual WORLDDIDAC International Education Exhibition and Conference in Basel, Switzerland. October 2004.  

bullet point for eventsGender Inequality, Economic Development and the Knowledge Economy.  Derek H. C. Chen and Aimilios Chatzinikolaou, March 2004. K4D delivered this presentation at the Second MENA Knowledge for Development Forum, held in Marseilles, France. The presentation focuses on the role that information and communication technologies (ICTs) can play in improving gender equality, thereby enhancing long-term economic growth. March 2004.


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