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Knowledge for Development Papers/Publications

bullet point for eventsAgribusiness and Innovation Systems in Africa. Kurt Larsen, Ronald Kim and Florian Theus, June 2009. New! 


bullet point for eventsKnowledge and Innovation for Competitiveness in Brazil. Alberto Rodriguez , Carl Dahlman , Jamil Salmi. April 2008.


bullet point for eventsMexico's Transition to a Knowledge-Based Economy: Challenges and Opportunities. Written by Yevgeny Kuznetsov and Carl Dahlman. March 2008.


bullet point for eventsKnowledge, Technology, and Cluster-Based Growth in Africa. Edited by Douglas Zhihua Zeng. February 2008.


bullet point for eventsBuilding Knowledge Economies: Advanced Strategies for Development. WBI Development Studies. October 2007.


bullet point for eventsPromoting Inclusive Innovation in India. Anuja Utz and Carl Dahlman. October 2007.


bullet point for eventsKorea as a Knowledge Economy: Evolutionary Process and Lessons Learned. Joonghae Suh and Derek H. C. Chen. August 2007. 


bullet point for eventsE-Leadership Institutions for the Knowledge Economy. Nagy K. Hanna. August 2007. (PDF, 751Kb)


bullet point for eventsStory on the KAM wins third place in Babson Knowledge Management Competition. Derek H. C. Chen. July 2007.


bullet point for eventsEnhancing China’s Competitiveness Through Lifelong Learning. Carl Dahlman, Douglas Zhihua Zeng, and Shuilin Wang. May 2007.


bullet point for events Underlying Dimensions of Knowledge Assessment: Factor Analysis of the Knowledge Assessment Methodology Data. Derek H. C. Chen and Kishore Gawande. April 2007.


bullet point for eventsDiaspora Networks and the International Migration of Skills: How Countries Can Draw on Their Talent Abroad. Edited by Yevgeny Kuznetsov. June 2006.


bullet point for eventsTanzania in the Knowledge Economy: Fostering Innovation, Productivity, and Technological Change. Anuja Utz, May 2006.


bullet point for events Finland as a Knowledge Economy: Elements of Success and Lessons Learned. Overview. Edited by Carl Dahlman, Jorma Routti and Pekka Ylä-Anttila. November 2005. (PDF, 161Kb)


bullet point for eventsGlobal Mobility of Talent from a Perspective of New Industrial Policy: Open Migration Chains and Diaspora Networks.Yevgeny Kuznetsov and Charles Sabel, November 2005. (PDF, 108Kb)


bullet point for eventsThe Knowledge Economy, the KAM Methodology and World Bank Operations. Derek Chen and Carl Dahlman, October 2005. (PDF, 235Kb)


bullet point for eventsA Model on Knowledge and Endogenous Growth. Derek Chen and Hiau Looi Kee, March 2005. (PDF, 500Kb)


bullet point for eventsKnowledge and Development: A Cross-Section Approach. Derek Chen and Carl Dahlman, August 2004. (PDF, 454Kb)

bullet point for eventsPromoting Innovation in Developing Countries: A Conceptual FrameworkJean-Eric Aubert, July 2004. (PDF, 307Kb)

bullet point for eventsGender Equality and Economic Development: The Role for Information and Communication Technologies. Derek Chen, April 2004. (PDF, 266Kb)

bullet point for eventsKnowledge Economies in the Middle East and North Africa -Toward New Development Strategies.  Edited by Jean-Eric Aubert and Jean-Louis Reiffers, January 2003. (PDF, 1.39Mb)

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