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Knowledge Economy Case Studies


bullet point for eventsKorea’s Transition towards Knowledge Economy - the Story of one “Vision.” Korea has emerged as a Knowledge Economy powerhouse in a very short period of time. Remarkably, the effort was initiated by a media company. It was able to tap into knowledge of leading international institutions and build broad national consensus. August 2006.


bullet point for eventsKnowledge, Technology and Cluster-Based Growth in AfricaThere are pockets of vitalities in Africa, especially demonstrated in the form of enterprise clusters, scattered in various countries and industries. Knowledge for Development Program conducted a study of eleven enterprise clusters in five low-income and two middle-income countries. 2006.


bullet point for eventsKnowledge Management. Case studies of how the World Bank assisted different organizations and communities in utilizing Knowledge Management practices to address development challenges and lessons learned in the process. 1994-2002.



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