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New Industrial and Innovation Policy

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How to promote economic restructuring and technological dynamism in developing and transition economies? New Industrial Policy is a set of innovative interventions which is distinct from the “old” functional/ horizontal industrial policy of the 1980s and 1990s and capable of avoiding its familiar pitfalls of “picking winners.” Our work program on New Industrial Policy is designed to bring together cutting edge policy research from WBI and leading universities with World Bank’s operational work and country dialogue.


New and Noteworthy

bullet point for eventsInnovation in the African Context: A Forum for Policymakers. Dublin, Ireland. March 6-8, 2007.

bullet point for eventsGovernment as a Promoter of Industrial Innovation: Korea's Experience and Policy Implications for Developing Countries. A presentation by Dr. Sungchul Chung, President of the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI). Washington D.C, February 13, 2007.

bullet point for eventsLearning Event: Initiating and Sustaining Growth Miracles: South Korea in Light of China. A brown bag lunch seminar with Dr. Wonhyuk Lim. Washington D.C, February 1, 2007. 

bullet point for eventsThe two papers below are case studies of emerging institutional architecture of new industrial and innovation policy. The first paper presents the case of Hsinchu innovation cluster in Taiwan  and documents a diversity of search networks (including a network of oversees Chinese) which simultaneously pushed capabilities of government and Taiwanese nascent sector of innovation-based start-up and spin-offs. The second  paper is a case study of a current sea-change in semiconductor industry. It documents the emergence of global design networks and increasingly vital role in those networks of Korea, Taiwan, China and India.

bullet point for eventsK4D is developing an analytical work  focused on selected economies such as Chile, Mexico, Russia, Argentina India , South Korea, and Finland.






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