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Special Initiatives

Special Initiatives are devoted to in-depth policy research and advisory work on a given topic. The available resources include presentations, learning events, publications and useful links.


bullet point for eventsDiasporas of Highly Skilled and Migration of Talent. International migration of skills and talent is a growing field of academic inquiry and an emerging field of practical expertise. As countries move to second-generation  reforms and focus on long-term growth agenda, they reach out to their Diasporas to help articulate and implement that agenda.


bullet point for eventsFrancophone Africa Universities’ Contributions to Development. Francophone Africa universities have a critical role to play in the development of their countries. University-based development initiatives have begun tp flourish with significant impact on society.


bullet point for eventsICT Leadership Community is designed to help break the isolation felt by many ICT leaders by offering them a space to exchange experiences and share knowledge on the global and regional levels. This peer-to-peer learning can improve decision-making and outcomes.


bullet point for events Knowledge Management aims to enhance the capacity of development-oriented organizations in client countries to apply knowledge management tools and practices.


bullet point for eventsNew Industrial and Innovation Policy. How can economic restructuring and technological dynamism in developing and transition economies be promoted? New Industrial Policy is a set of innovative interventions which is distinct from the “old” functional/ horizontal industrial policy of the 1980s and 1990s and capable of avoiding its familiar pitfalls of “picking winners.”

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