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Francophone Africa Universities’ Contribution to Development, Lessons to be Learned from Successful Initiatives

Seminar, Saly, Senegal , November 30-December 2nd, 2005


This event is a part of the K4D special program on Francophone Africa Universities’ Contributions to Development.


As a follow-up to the seminar in Niamey on Francophone Africa Universities and the “Knowledge for Development” Framework, this event was aimed at drawing lessons from initiatives undertaken by universities in favor of development. As they had committed themselves to in Niamey, Rectors succeeded in involving university professors to prepare more than 70 case studies from about 30 higher education institutions.


A CD-Rom presenting the highlights of the Saly Seminar has been released in March 2006.  The CD includes a video produced during the seminar, the 70 success stories(PDF, 164Kb)collected by the universities (5 page briefs), and the Powerpoint presentations of the 24 cases which were discussed on this occasion. The CD-Rom is available on demand by sending an email to Capucine Edou:


This section presents the 24 initiatives discussed during the Saly seminar. The presentations are in French.Themes under which the presentations are classified:


Curricula | Research and Innovation| Services to Populations | University Governance | Inter-States Schools


 Theme 1: Curricula


bullet point for eventsMedical Entomology and Veterinary School. Kadjo Kouamé, Director, Entomology and Veterinary Center, Bouaké University, Côte d'Ivoire (PDF, 871Kb)


bullet point for eventsDistance Learning at EBAD School. Lô Ibrahima, Studies Director, Documentalists, Librarians and Archivists School (EBAD),  Cheikh Anta Diop University, Sénégal (PDF, 942Kb)


bullet point for eventsJournalist Students' Academic Internship and Promotion of Journalism in DRC. Munkeni Lapess Rigobert, Professor, IFASIC, Democratic Republic of Congo (PDF, 710Kb)


bullet point for eventsInterdisciplinary Doctorate School of Madagascar (EDIM). Rakotobé Pascal, President, Antananarivo University, Madagascar (PDF, 62Kb)


bullet point for eventsDistance Learning in Mauritius Universitity: a Success Story.Parahoo Azad S.K,  Director, Distance Learning Center, Mauritius University, Mauritius (PDF, 63Kb)


bullet point for eventsVirtual Center for Innovative Learning Technologies.Hookoomsing Vinesh, Vice-President, Mauritius University, Mauritius   (PDF, 96Kb)


bullet point for eventsSetting of a Farm for Agricultural Applications of Students' Learning. Diack Mateugue, Faculty, Gaston Berger University, Sénégal (PDF, 453Kb)


Theme 2: Research and Innovation


bullet point for eventsMalaria Training and Research Center. Doumbo Ogobara, Professor, Bamako University, Mali (PDF, 1.18Mb)


bullet point for eventsAtlas of Gabon.Bignoumba Guy-Serge, Geography Professor, Libreville University, Gabon (PDF, 56Kb)


bullet point for eventsAromatic Plants of West Africa and Promotion of Essential Oils Production. Koumaglo Kossi, Professor, Lomé University, Togo (PDF, 829Kb)


bullet point for eventsUnivalor SA : Diversifying University's Financial Resources.Hamdane Annadif, project manager, N'Djaména University, Chad  (PDF, 40Kb)


bullet point for eventsPopularization of Modern Apiculture to Improve Cameroonians' Living and Economic Conditions.  Tchuenguem Fohouo Fernand Nestor, Professor, Ngaoundéré University, Cameroon (PDF, 273Kb)


bullet point for eventsHIV-AIDS Positive Patients' Follow-up Facilitated by a Popularizing an easy-to-use and Low-Cost Techonology. Traoré Alfred, Professor, Ouagadougou University, Burkina Faso. (PDF, 1.94Mb)



Theme 3: Services to Populations


bullet point for eventsContributing to Rural Sustainable Development and Biodiversity in Villages' Agriculture Activities.Barry Abdoul Karim, Project Manager, Conakry University, Guinea (PDF, 949Kb)


bullet point for eventsUniversity Research's Contribution to Rural Development Projects by Consolidating Links between Scientific Knowledge and Indigenous Knowledge,Yamba Boubacar, Geography Professor, Niamey University, Niger (PDF, 111Kb)


bullet point for eventsStudents' Civic Activities in Senegal Rural Areas.Guissé Aliou, Faculty, Cheikh Anta Diop University, Senegal (PDF, 315Kb)

bullet point for eventsOpen Learning Initiative. Meissa Dieng Pape, Professor, Gaston Berger University, Sénégal (PDF, 880Kb)


Theme 4: University Governance  


bullet point for eventsSecuring National Higher Education Diploma and Stopping Illegal Production. President, Toliara University, Madagascar (PDF, 692Kb)


bullet point for eventsImplementing a New Developmental University: Parakou University, a Success.Hountondji Alexis, Rector, Parakou University, Benin (PDF, 101Kb)


bullet point for eventsAdapting the Curricula Structure to International Norms: a Successful Reform.Sall Abdou Salam, Rector, Cheikh Anta Diop University, Senegal (PDF, 158Kb)


bullet point for eventsInstitutional Reforms at Lome University and Proposals to Diversify University's Financial Resources. Lawson-Body Nadou Ahouéfa, Project Manager, Lomé University, Togo (PDF, 18Kb)



Theme 5: Inter-States Schools


bullet point for events The Veterinary School Initiatives for Development.Kaboret Yalacé, Professor, Department Head, Inter-State School in Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (EISMV), Senegal (PDF, 372Kb)


bullet point for events The Institute of Water and Environment: Current Reforms and Future Perspectives.Kouamé Kouassi, Director for Curricula and Academic Services, Groupe EIER-ETSHER (Institute of Water and Environment), Burkina Faso (PDF, 501Kb)


bullet point for events Development of a High Level Research Center in Mathematics.Tossa Joël, Deputy Director, Mathematics and Physics Institute, Abomey-Calavi University (PDF, 288Kb)




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