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The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Leadership Community is designed to help break the isolation felt by many ICT leaders by offering them a space to exchange experiences and share knowledge on the global and regional levels. The intended result is peer-to-peer learning that will improve decision-making and outcomes.

New and Noteworthy

bullet point for eventsInformation Communication Technology for Education Leaders: From Vision to Action, Seoul, Korea, November 17 - 21, 2008. The main focus of this course is on how a country’s education system and policy can be enriched through the applications of ICT. The course is organized to help policymakers to address the imperative that traditional, formal  education systems are facing by raising awareness and understanding about essential elements of an effective application of ICT.


bullet point for eventsBuilding e-Leadership in Sri Lanka: Peer-to-Peer Learning with e-Champions Worldwide. This program (May 2006 to June 2007) brought together an audience of Sri Lankan government e-champions and several ICTA staff and a group of renowned international experts and peers from countries of particular relevance to Sri Lanka to discuss and exchange good practices and lessons learned on a variety of e-government conceptual and implementation issues.

bullet point for eventsE-Leadership Institutions for the Knowledge Economy, Nagy K. Hanna. This WBI Working Paper highlights the role of institutions in providing the leadership, vision, and skills to further e-Government and other ICT-related initiatives, particularly at the national level. A number of institutional framework models are examined based on a number of country exampled. No perfect model exists but evidence suggests that a certain structure may be more effective depending on specific country circumstances. (PDF, 751Kb)

bullet point for eventsPublic Sector Transformation towards Citizen-Centric Joined-up Government: Focus on the UK Experience.  May 10, 2006. The seminar drew on the latest trends and experiences in delivery of joined-up government services and public sector transformation.


bullet point for eventsChecklist for e-Government LeadersThis Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Policy Brief answers fundamental questions concerning the whys, hows, and whats of e-Government, while offering an argument for its adoption. (PDF, 199Kb).


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