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All the resources are divided into three categories: ICT-LeadershipLeadership and e-Government. While we hope these resources are of interest, please note that the World Bank does not endorse the content on external websites.


ICT Leadership


bullet point for eventsE-Leadership Institutions for the Knowledge Economy This WBI Working Paper highlights the role of institutions in providing the leadership, vision, and skills to further e-Government and other ICT-related initiatives, particularly at the national level. A number of institutional framework models are examined based on a number of country exampled.  No perfect model exists but evidence suggests that a certain structure may be more effective depending on specific country circumstances. (PDF, 751Kb)


bullet point for eventsChecklist for e-Government Leaders. This OECD Policy Brief answers fundamental questions concerning the whys, hows, and whats of e-Government. (PDF, 199Kb)


bullet point for eventse-Government Leadership: High Performance, Maximum Value. This is a study by Accenture examining the role and impact of leadership in e-Government.


bullet point for eventse-Government Leadership: Engaging the Customer Study. Improving citizen satisfaction is the key factor driving the development of online government services, far more significant than the pressure to reduce costs, according to this study by Accenture.


bullet point for eventsStrengthening e-Government Leadership: The Emerging Role of the Chief Information Officer in the Public Sector. As a learning event sponsored by the World Bank’s e-Development Thematic Group, this videoconference brought together audiences from various countries to discuss the role of CIOs.


bullet point for eventsEight Imperatives for Leaders in a Networked World. This is an article written by Jerry's Mechling, director of Harvard's e-Government Executive Education Project. (PDF, 479Kb)


bullet point for eventsArticles on Leadership in Government. The articles and links on this site were selected for their relevance to leadership and management in the public sector.


bullet point for eventse-Development from Excitement to Effectiveness.  This World Bank report highlights key issues that have immediate relevance to policy makers in developing nations who make decisions on investments and development goals. It includes a chapter on e-Leadership. (PDF, 5945Kb)


bullet point for eventsStrengthening e-Government Leadership and Institutions: Key Models, Roles, and Lessons.

Sponsored by the Government of Kazakhstan and the World Bank, this document summarizes the proceedings of a videoconference on e-leadership. (PDF, 377Kb)




bullet point for eventsCenter for Public Leadership, Harvard University. The site provides articles and working papers on leadership that offer many examples and different frameworks.


bullet point for eventsSocial Entrepreneurship: Leadership that Facilitates Societal Transformation. One of the more interesting papers on KSG site with a focus on development. (PDF, 205Kb)


bullet point for eventsA Short Guide on Leadership Traits. With numerous links to other sites on leadership, this guide discussed traits to emulate and to avoid.


bullet point for eventsPublic Sector Leadership Capacity Development for Good Governance in Africa. This report from a recent seminar in Uganda highlights leadership traits and challenges in the African context. (PDF, 451Kb)




bullet point for eventsPREM (Poverty Reduction and Economic Management) Notes on E-Government. (type in "e-government" under search) A number of these notes, written by World Bank staff, focus on lessons learned in e-government programs.


bullet point for eventsCompendium - eGovernment Innovative Practices. This UNPAN report offers basic information on hundreds of projects all over the world focusing on different aspects of e-Government. (PDF, 1519Kb)


bullet point for eventse-Government for Better Government. (abstract with ordering info) This OECD book contains new ways of thinking in the area of e-government and addresses issues such as delivery, coordination, business processes, and the business case.


bullet point for eventsThe UN Global e-Government Readiness Report 2005: From e-Government to e-Inclusion. This report explores the linkages between e-Government and development, and presents an assessment of the countries according to their state of e-government readiness and the extent of e-participation worldwide.


bullet point for eventsThe e-Government Handbook for Developing Countries. As a joint project developed by infoDev and the Center for Democracy and Technology, this publication serves as a tool for countries adopting e-Government. (PDF, 3908Kb)


bullet point for eventse-Government for Development.This UNPAN newsletter provides a concise background of e-Government issues and challenges, using examples and presenting lessons learned. (PDF, 1066Kb)


bullet point for eventsEnabling E-Government for Developing Countries.This paper is from USAID's series on "Best Practices in ICT Policy." (PDF, 89Kb)


bullet point for eventsEvents hosted by the e-Development Thematic Group of the World Bank. This is a listing of events, mainly centered on e-government initiatives, organized by the World Bank.


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