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The following resources are either describing, or based on, World Bank experience in KM.


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arrowe-Discussion Toolkit - how to set up and manage electronic discussions.   





Articles and Case Studies


arrow KM Stories.  Knowledge sharing in practice - stories and case studies.


arrow Sharing Knowledge: Innovations and Remaining Challenges.  This independent evaluation of the WB knowledge management system finds that Bank needs to move deliberately to embed knowledge sharing processes in its core business processes and manage its knowledge services for results.


arrow Communities of Practice for Development in the Middle East and North Africa. (PDF, 112Kb)


arrow Communities of Practice for Local Capacity in Central Asia: the Community Empowerment Network. (PDF, 301Kb)


arrow Knowledge Sharing at the World Bank - the Fad that Would Not Go Away  describes how knowledge sharing established its roots at the bank, the challenges the strategies have faced and gives specific success stories. (PDF, 28Kb)


arrow The Evolution of the Knowledge Bank  describes the World Bank's evolution from a traditional financial institution into a knowledge bank. (PDF, 33Kb)


Publications on World Bank KM from non-World Bank Sources:






arrowTapping the Potential of Social Networks.This video focuses on the way in which social networks, at levels ranging from villages and communities to organizations and society, develop together and help share knowledge and information for the benefit of the network. 


arrowThe Next Frontier in Knowledge Sharing for Development. Key lessons from the early years of KS for development were reviewed and strategies to mainstream KS into core operations internally and to use knowledge sharing approaches with client governments externally were outlined.


arrowOne of the Best Examples of the Communities of Practice at the World Bank. This interview with Frannie Leautier, the WBI Vice President, focuses on Poverty Analysis Community as one of the best examples in enhancing knowledge sharing among the WBI training clients.


arrowIncreasing Knowledge Flows Through Global Research Networks.  The presenters explore the evolution of organizational structures from the hierarchical to self-governing network enterprise model that is likely to characterize the knowledge-based organizations of the 21st century


arrowUsing Storytelling to Spark Organizational Transformation.  The presenters will show how storytelling can help introduce and accelerate transformational ideas into difficult and change resistant environments.


arrowBuilding AIDS Competence by Creating the Right Environment for Strengths to be Recognized and the Knowledge to Flow. The presenters discuss how knowledge management techniques, which were developed and applied in the private sector, have been adapted to provide a new approach in response to HIV/AIDS.






World Bank KM Initiatives (some of which began at the World Bank, but have since become independent)


arrow Knowledge Bank page has been established as a repository for some of the key documents related to the World Bank's "Knowledge Bank" strategy. These documents describe the main knowledge management activities of the World Bank over the past decade, since the launch of the strategy in 1996.


arrow Global and Regional Programs.  The list of the knowledge initiatives that bring together online and face-to-face the leading development practitioners to exchange experiences and to develop the skills of client countries around the world.


arrow Knowledge Partnerships for Africa to share knowledge and learn from clients and partners to improve the quality and impact of the World Bank's assistance.



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