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Building e-Leadership in Sri Lanka: Peer-to-Peer Learning with e-Champions Worldwide

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This learning series is part of the WBI's  ICT Leadership Community Program and e-Development Thematic Group Country Dialogues series

Sri Lanka Video Conference
The "e-Champions" videoconference-based learning program complements and reinforces Sri Lanka's Information and Communication Technology Agency's (ICTA) e-Leadership Development program for 300 Chief Information Officers (CIOs), which consists of traditional face-to-face workshops, and the broader HR Capacity Building Programme for Government for 12,000 government employees.

This VC-based program also provides an impetus to the implementation of the Re-engineering Government Program under the e-Sri Lanka project by channeling latest ideas, good practices and lessons learned from other countries.

Schedule of the videoconferences, May 30, 2006 – June 18, 2007.

June 18, 2007: Designing and Implementing e-Government Strategies: Lessons Learned and Critical Success Factors. In this video-seminar, the Sri Lanka e-champions discussed the key issues related to e-government strategy design and implementation with their peers in Canada, Singapore, Korea, as well as the World Bank. Session Information

May 29, 2007: National E-Government Portals The Tip of the Iceberg, or a Tool for Citizen-Centric Transformation of Government? This event focused on the best practices and lessons learned from some of the world’s leading portals. The event also presented ideas on how government portals need to respond to developments taking place around Web 2.0. Session Information

May 8, 2007: Open Systems for e-Government in Sri Lanka: Open Standards, Open Source  and Open Document Format. This seminar focused on the embrace of “open” information and communications technology systems by governments and businesses alike in the face of growing demands for the effective, customer-centric delivery of services. Session Information

October 31, 2006: Business Process Re-engineering for e-Government. This session focused on key lessons learned and issues related to simplifying, optimizing and integrating government business processes prior to automation. Session Information

September 26, 2006: Project Management for e-Government. This session explored various issues and lessons learned related to managing e-government projects, performance monitoring, outsourcing, PPPs, vendor management etc. Session Information

July 25, 2006: e-Government Champions/CIOs: Roles, Skills and Success Factors. This Videoconference focused on the emerging role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) and  other e-government champions in the public sector worldwide, what makes them succeed and fail. Presentations and Video

June 27, 2006: Lessons Learned, Critical Success and Failure Factors in e-Government Projects. This Videoconference highlighted key lessons learned from practitioners in implementing e-government projects, why so many of them fail, why so few succeed. Presentations and Video

May 30, 2006: Public Sector Transformation towards Citizen-Centric, Joined-up Government: Lessons Learned from UK and India. This Videoconference promoted a shared vision for the future of government as a seamless organism with a shared IT and service delivery infrastructure across agencies and jurisdictions. Presentations and Video








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