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Knowledge and Innovation for Competitiveness in Brazil

Brazil Book CoverThis study provides a broad, cross-sectoral analysis of Brazil's capacity for producing knowledge and innovation. As such, it moves beyond the traditional recommendations- that is, build a stable macroeconomic environment and business-friendly physical and policy infrastructure – and instead seeks a more comprehensive approach.

The fact is that Brazil has delivered some important successes with efforts to develop innovation in agriculture, aerospace and energy. But like other middle-income nations, it is discovering that it must re-evaluate its education system, its information technology infrastructure and its policy framework for encouraging innovation to ensure that its economy as a whole is growing fast enough to keep up with the global competition while also guaranteeing progress in its fight against poverty.

Excerpt from Foreword of the book, written by Rakesh Nangia, Acting Vice President, WBI and John Briscoe, Country Director for Brazil, WB.

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