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Cross Country Comparison

This mode allows comparison of up to 20 countries in a bar chart format. Each bar chart shows the aggregate Knowledge Economy Index (KEI) score and the contribution (relative weight) of different Knowledge Economy pillars to the overall country's knowledge readiness. Learn more about the KE indexes and pillars.

World (all countries)



East Asia


Europe and Central Asia


North America


Latin America


Middle East and North Africa


South Asia


The user can compare the most recent results with data for 1995 or 2000, or the average for the relevant regional, income group. When a country seems to perform worse on a certain variable in the most recent period than in 1995, this may be due to two reasons:

  • the country has actually lost ground in absolute terms, or
  • even if in absolute terms the country has made an improvement, the countries in the comparison group on average have made a significantly larger improvement.


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