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Learning Events

WBI Learning Events include expert lectures, seminars and colloquia, workshops and small-group projects, and peer mentoring. They take place face-to-face in traditional classrooms, in distance learning centers, on project sites, at participants’ places of employment, and other locations. In this section of the website, you will find the criteria for participation in WBI events, our calendar of events and an archive of our program's past events.

Learning Events of PGP's main program components


Poverty-Analysis Initiative (PAI)


PAI Courses and Seminars:

  • Strategic Poverty Reduction Seminars For Senior Policymakers
  • Regional Workshops For Managers of Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Technical Courses on Poverty Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation

PAI Events:


The Macroeconomic and Policy Assessment Skills (MPAS) Group

MPAS Events:

The events aim to provide participants with a through exposure to the important developments of the past two decades in the analysis of macroeconomic policy issues in developing economies. They are intended primarily for professional macroeconomist.


Poverty Reduction Strategy Design and Implementation (PRSDI) Events

Supporting Experience-Sharing in the PRSP Process:

Based on our experience in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of poverty-reduction strategies, the PGP program aims to develop series of case studies on the PRSP experience. The main goal of these case studies are to increase the understanding of how key aspects of the PRSP process have worked in practice across countries and sectors. It aims to provide elements of good practice that should be helpful to PRSP countries as well as donor staff. Please click here to view Case Studies.

PRSDI Events:

Current Event: 4th Poverty Reduction Strategies Forum -- June 26-27, 2007 -- Athens, Greece

The following events will be conducted under the Poverty and Growth Course. For a list of previous programs, access the archive by clicking here.


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