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Site Map

The (Poverty and Growth Program) PGP website provides you with information about what the program is, who is working on it, and what is happening. These are the main sections on this site and what you can find in them:

About PGP: summarizes the background of the PGP, goals of the program, unique approach, target audience and team members.

Calendar of Events: a searchable database of upcoming events within the PGP and in related capacity building for poverty reduction initiaitives.

Topics: lists and briefly describes the different types of products and services, in form of programs, offered under the PGP. These programs will be offered according to priority subthemes identitifed by each country.

Regional Focus: This section will provide information about PGP's unique strategy in each region, the programs which are planned and have taken place.

Partners: lists all of the various organizations that are working in cooperation with the PGP including distance learning centers, PRSP Teams, debate coordinators and sponsors

Resources: provides links to web resources that are either used in, or relevant to, the Poverty and Growth Program including: organizations, projects, poverty databases, PRSP information, and more.

* Please send all your questions and comments about PGP to and they will be forwarded to the appropriate contact person.

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