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Capital Flows and Global External Imbalances

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Paris, France

April 3-6, 2006


This senior policy seminar provides cutting edge analysis of policy issues associated with capital flows and financial crisis, with a new focus on domestic and international measures aimed at minimizing the potential risks that financial globalization creates. It strengthens participants understanding of policy options for managing financial risks and strategies for providing macro stability for growth and poverty reduction. The seminar provides a rich discussion on the evidence on the causes of banking and currency crises, and crisis resolution based on country experiences. It then moves on to discuss the exchange rate arrangements including the monetary unions such as the Euro Zone, and the East Africa Currency Union. The last module of the seminar focuses on current issues in international finance, such as contagion, herding and stability of the international financial system, the roles of rating agencies, and various proposals to reform the international financial architecture, and issues related to geo-political risks and the global macroeconomic imbalances.



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