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Global Dialogues as a Response to the Global Economic Crisis

Video conference series linking policy makers worldwide


The World Bank Institute (WBI) is hosting a series of videoconference dialogues for practitioners and experts from around the world to exchange information and analysis on the national and international effects of the global economic slowdown.  Participants discuss policy and program responses to address the impact of the global financial crisis, as well as the continuing volatility in food and fuel prices.

This series delivers practical knowledge and guidance to client governments’ policymakers, and can help promote policy coherence across countries when required. It is intended to help policy analysts and leaders in different countries and regions learn from one another, and to brainstorm on possible policy responses and innovations.


Each of these discussions, facilitated by WBI in cooperation with colleagues in the World Bank’s Networks and Regions, involves several countries. A set of questions to be addressed is shared with colleagues in the networks and regions before the event.  Discussions focus on policies that countries have either implemented or would like to implement, so that participants can benefit from the experience of other countries, as well as the experts’ advice.

This series of videoconferences is hosted by WBI's Global Development Learning Network (GDLN), which is a partnership of over 120 recognized global institutions (Affiliates) in over 80 countries that collaborates in the design of customized learning solutions for individuals and organizations working in development.


The dialogues explore impacts across the following four dimensions of the World Bank’s engagement with countries: Macroeconomic and Financial Policy, Trade Policy, Social Safety Nets, and Subnational Finance.

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1 - Subnational Finance
2 - Macro and Financial Policies - Argentina, Hungary, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Turkey
3 - Macro and Financial Policies - Brazil, China, India, Macedonia, Mexico, South Africa
4 - Social Policy
5 - Trade Policy

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