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Managing Capital Flows and Growth in the Aftermath of the Global Crisis

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Paris, France – April 27-April 30, 2010


The financial turmoil, which began around August 2007 in the mature economies, spread to the rest of the world during second-round effects, as it became a full-fledged global financial and economic crisis. This crisis came on the heels of exceptional boom in global trade and increases in capital flows especially following the East Asian crisis. This year, the senior policy seminar, which has been jointly organized by the Center for Pacific Basin Monetary and Economic Studies, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the Bank of England, Banque de France and the World Bank Institute for the last 10 consecutive years, will discuss the impact of the financial crisis on developing economies with focus on second-round effects and policy response in the aftermath of the global downturn. In addition, national and international regulations and standards, growth prospects and risks to the global economy during 2010-11 will also be discussed.


The seminar is divided into four parts. The first part provides an overview of emerging development challenges under the new and post-crisis globalization landscape. In addition, it discusses the recent dynamics of capital flows to emerging markets and developing economies, and undertakes a reassessment of international financial integration. The second part focuses on financial regulations in the aftermath of the crisis. In particular, it discusses emerging challenges to the global financial architecture, international banking standards and macro-prudential issues. It also reviews the impact and implications of fiscal stimulus packages for macroeconomic stability. The third part provides a comprehensive overview of fiscal and monetary policy responses to the crisis in developing and emerging market economies. The last part discusses the policy options for managing capital flows in the aftermath of the global crisis.



This is a fee based senior policy seminar ($1500). To apply, please click here.



Practice Leader: Raj Nallari

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Program Assistant: Vasumathi Rollakanty

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