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Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure

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 PPPI Program

The Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure (PPPI) program's objective is to provide capacity building to help client governments create the proper environment to develop successful and sustainable PPPs, as well as to provide technical assistance to client countries in issues related to PPP program design, development, and implementation.

The program initially focuses on core infrastructure sectors– energy, water, transport, and telecommunications– and will progressively cover the main social sectors such as education, health and housing. Read more about our work.....


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Infrastructure Finance for PPP Projects
Yaoundé, Cameroon
April 14-17, 2009


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Mobilizing Public-Private Partnerships to Finance Infrastructure amid Crisis Is Focus of World Bank Conference. A conference of experts gathered at the World Bank December 15-18, 2008 to identify ways to restore debt and equity market financing for roads, power generation and distribution and other infrastructure amid the global financial full article

Filling the capacity gaps in Infrastructure Finance in Africa. Read about the recent course on infrastructure finance for PPP projects, held in South Africa on June 9-13, 2008. Learn about how partners across the Africa and Asia region came together to provide affordable and quality capacity building full article

Interviews with Leading PPP Practitioners During PPPI Days 2007, selected participants were interviewed in order to gain their perspectives on the following three questions......... watch interviews

PPPI Days 2007 Synopsis
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An Initiative from Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure Days....
Find out about the network of PPP agencies from around the world, from both developed and developing countries. Learn about PPPI Days 2007-presentations, case studies, PPPI document archive, and much more!


Political Accountability and Regulatory Performance in Infrastructure Industries 
Paper by Farid Gasmi, Paul Noumba Um, Laura Recuero Virto (2006)

Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects in the Republic of Korea 

Paper by Paul Noumba Um, Severine Dinghem (2006)

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