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The WBI Governance and Anti-Corruption group includes the following learning programs: 

Governance and Anticorruption, General
Measurement of government performance has assumed topical importance in popular discussions and debates. Debates about the appropriate role, policies, and institutions of the state are often hampered by the lack of a definition for “good government.” more more arrows

Parliamentary Strengthening
The objective of this program is to improve government accountability through parliamentary oversight, principally (but not exclusively) through parliaments’ involvement in the budget process and through more effective parliamentary committees.more more arrows 

Governance and Anticorruption at the Sectoral Level
The program objectives are to provide concrete tools to design, improve and implement policy reforms to fight corruption at the local level in key sectors and to create an environment in which participants (mayors and other public officials, local practitioners, civil society representatives, etc) can work together to create a baseline to implement practices and reforms.

Judicial Reform
The objective of the Judicial Reform Learning Program is to support different countries in improving their judicial systems through the sharing of knowledge and experience, the search for consensus among different stakeholders, and the delivery of capacity-building and training programs in key areas such as judicial training, judges appointment and implementation of alternative mechanisms of dispute resolution (ADR) among others.more more arrows

Access to Information, Transparency and Governance
The World Bank’s Governance & Anti-Corruption (GAC) Strategy, agreed upon in 2006-07, stresses the need to expand supply and demand sides of governance by further strengthening transparency and accountability mechanisms. In this respect, support for access to information (ATI) laws and the media was highlighted as a centerpiece. 
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Local Governance
The aim is to disseminate better practices in local government organization and finance with a view to creating responsive, responsible, and accountable local governance. The program covers demand side approaches to strengthening local governance.more more arrows

2003-2007 Topics (Archived pages)

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