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2003-2007 Topic: Legal and Judicial Reform (Archived page)

Formerly Judicial Reform
A well functioning legal and judicial system is crucial to development and providing a solution that foster development and consolidates democratic order. The creation of an effective legal and judicial system is a process that requires continuous attention. This is an objective from the beginning of the judicial reform and modernization process.

Moreover, an independent and competent judiciary constitutes an essential element of a successful governance and anti-corruption strategy. Hence, the overall objective of the legal and judicial reform program is to contribute to the improvement of a more impartial, independent, accountable, and effective judiciary that is able to control corruption and improve governance.

Program Objective

The objective of the Legal and Judicial Reform program is to examine, through case studies, reform experiences regarding the relationship between legal and judicial reforms and strategies for controlling corruption, as well as to bring support to the countries facing these processes.

Course Content

The program highlights different situations and hypotheses using case studies where well functioning judicial systems are shown to be crucial to dealing with difficult cases of corruption at various levels. Those giving the lectures will be experts on the fight against corruption and legal and judicial reform. In addition, some of those invited have hada a direct participation in the case studies analyzed.

By the end of the courses, it is expected that participants will be able to:

  • Identify and apply new focus on the traditional themes of the fight against corruption and legal and judicial reform.
  • Apply new tools and strategies of the fight against corruption and legal and judicial reform through promoting the exchange of information and direct relationships between participants.
  • Promote and initiate dialogues that contribute to creating consensus and increasing the local institutional capacity.
  • Promote the creation of a general view of the theme, its problems and strategies for a solution, in order to increase the possibility for successful judicial reform and the related fight against corruption.


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