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Judicial Reform Learning Program for Colombia

The main objective of the “Judicial Reform Learning Program for Columbia” is to support the objectives of the Judicial Sector Development Project, in particular its Human Resources Development Component, by assisting the key stakeholders to evaluate the performance of the Judicial School of Colombia in order to identify areas in need of reform.

Bank Operations and LCSPS have stressed the importance of working coordinately with WBI for addressing the capacity building needs in the preparation of the Judicial Sector Development Project to better achieve the objectives described in its Human Resources Development Component.

Therefore, this learning activity responds to the needs addressed in the CAS and to the specific demand of the region since it aims at supporting the objectives of the Justice Sector Development Project under preparation.

The strategic objective is to expose participants to the use of modern tools presented by other Judicial Schools in Spain, France, Italy and Canada that have been successfully implemented to train the judiciary. The activity aims to: 1) facilitate the sharing of experiences of judicial training models implemented in other Judicial Schools; 2) foster the creation of an informal network in order to exchange ideas and support the Judicial School in identifying the areas of reform; 3) identify gaps and possible improvements in the Judicial School of Colombia

The participants are members of the Judicial Schools, Judges of the Supreme Court, Members of the Judiciary, Bar Associations.




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