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Capacity Enhancement Program on Controlling Corruption and Improving Governance for Thailand

The East Asian economic crisis in 1997 focused people’s attention on the impact of corruption in their lives and catalyzed the commitment of the countries in the region to improve the levels of transparency, information and accountability for better public service delivery. The Royal Thai Government joined the regional efforts against this global challenge by undertaking a comprehensive reform of its public sector. Since the adoption of the 1997 National Constitution, improving governance through greater transparency, accountability and decentralization has been emphasized as one of the foundations for Thailand’s sustained progress.

Against this backdrop, the World Bank Institute (WBI) is cooperating with the Royal Thai Government to deliver a ten day fee based learning course: “Capacity Enhancement Program on Controlling Corruption and Improving Governance for Thailand”.

The program is in line with the Bank’s Governance and Anticorruption (GAC) Strategy and has the following specific objectives:

  1. Help the participants to identify gaps and challenges in their own agencies regarding transparency, information, accountability and coordination;
  2. facilitate the prioritization of tailor-made institutional reforms for the participating government agencies;
  3. provide the participants with concrete tools to design and implement action plans for increasing transparency, information, accountability and coordination as key elements for improving governance and fighting corruption;
  4. increase the capacity of government officials at the central level so they can effectively, administer, distribute and allocate financial and human resources of their administrations to achieve better service delivery; and
  5. provide Thai government officials with an in-depth knowledge and implications of good governance and anti-corruption strategies.

Forty participants representing over twenty government entities, including the Office of National Economic and Social Development, the Office of the Prime Minister Office, and The Bureau of the Budget, among others are part of the program.

The overall framework of the course has as a guiding activity the completion of a matrix that would ultimately serve as an action plan for each of the working groups.

The next steps of the program are that the public officials implement the knowledge and action plans in Thailand. Each of the participants is presenting the agency specific action plans to their agencies. The participants moreover agreed to remain organized as a functioning entity to promote good governance and anti-corruption in Thailand.

For further information please contact Maria Gonzalez de Asis, Manager of the Program at mgonzalezasis@worldbank.orgor Carolina Vaira, Consultant at  

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