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The Social Protection group comprises of the following topics:


Pension Reforms
This program is designed to address the issue of old age income security around the world. It focuses on how to achieve adequate and sustainable pensions, the impact of the aging population and the break down in family support on pension systems, as well as the type of reforms countries can develop to cope with the problems of pension systems. Specific topics include common problems of existing pension schemes and their impact on the broader economy, key policy choices and options for pension reform, the relationship between pension reform and financial markets, supervision issues and the political economy of pension reform.


Labor Market Policies
Through this program, the World Bank Institute aims at providing client countries and Bank staff with a solid grounding in key issues that arise in the labor market as well as in the design and execution of government policies to address them. Special consideration is given to alternative policy instruments used by some developing and industrialized countries as well as to the lessons gleaned from international experiences in the areas of labor market adjustment, unemployment, skills development and workers productivity.


Social Safety Nets
This program aims at providing client countries and Bank staff with an in-depth understanding of the conceptual and practical issues involved in the development of safety net interventions to protect poor and vulnerable population groups from income risk and to ensure they have adequate access to essential services. The topics covered by the program include the principal types of safety net interventions and their mechanics, including cash and in-kind transfers, income-generating schemes, targeting, and monitoring and evaluation of policies and interventions; the role of social safety nets within the broader context of equitable economic development, public expenditure and budget constraints; institutional structure and considers potential implications from the political economy background and the gender dimension; and the rationale and appropriateness of particular safety nets interventions in different country contexts.


Children and Youth
The benefits of investment in children for poverty reduction have been well documented and widely agreed upon (key element in the MDGs). Yet most of the world's poor are children, lacking protection and access to basic services, and are trapped in the cycle of poverty. Intensifying the efforts to better serve children is an urgent and critical task for the development community. Furthermore, the effectiveness of investments in youth is less documented than investments in children. This learning program supports the World Bank’s Regional operations, clients and other implementing partners working on issues related to children and youth to better understand and address vulnerabilities of children and youth in client countries. It aims at facilitating consensus building a knowledge base, sharing experience, and enhancing capacity among key stakeholders.


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