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Pension Reforms

Social Protection and Risk ManagementPopulations are aging rapidly throughout the world and pension reform has become a major issue. Current "Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) systems threaten to become a drain on public treasuries and pension reserves that are controlled centrally are poorly invested, while the majority of the old often remain unprotected by formal systems. Many policymakers are grappling with the difficult question of how to reform their systems, some have decided on basic reforms which they are now starting to implement, and others are already designing second generation reforms.

The Pensions courses and seminars seek to expand knowledge of and provide tools for making strategic choices in pension reform process. They are delivered through a combination of face-to-face workshops and distance learning techniques, generally in cooperation with appropriate partners located in developing countries as well as in OECD countries.

The WBI Flagship Course on Pension Reform is a series of training modules addressing a wide range of issues including basic design of social security systems, common problems with existing schemes, their impact on the broader economy, as well as the relationship between pension reforms and financial market development on one hand and the labor markets on the other hand. The course also discusses the alternative options for reform of social security system administration and regulation and the political economy of pension reforms.


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