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World Bank Core Course on Pensions

November 5-16, 2007

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World Bank Core Course on PensionsThis course aimed to provide top policymakers and other key stakeholders in the pension debate with an overview of the latest concepts and frameworks about pension reform as well as a review of lessons from recent pension reforms around the world. The program combined in-depth analysis of pension reform issues with exercises in real-time policy-making.

The course presented and discussed the main issues involved in the economics of pensions, as well as issues in assessing the sustainability of current pension systems and the need for reform. Participants evaluated the main strengths and weaknesses of options in pension reform, learned from the experience of countries that have adopted pension reforms recently and those in the process of adopting reforms, and analyzed successes and failures in implementing reform.

Target Audience

  • High level policymakers with responsibilities in the design and implementation of pension reform
  • High level staff of Pension administration and Supervision agencies
  • Higher level and technical staff from the Social Security administration and supervision institutions
  • Key stakeholders in the pension debate


  • Objectives of Mandatory and Voluntary Pension Systems
  • Pension systems and reforms. Laying the diagnosis and mapping out reforms.
  • Projecting pension liabilities. The World Bank’s PROST model.
  • Pension reform options: a) Parametric reforms; b) Funded schemes; c) Multipillar schemes; d) National Accounts.
  • Reforms for the Civil Service Pension schemes
  • Institutions, governance and administration of pension systems
  • Managing public pension reserves
  • Coverage of pension systems. Extending the coverage through non-contributory social pensions
  • Interactions between pension systems and capital markets
  • Regulation and supervision of pension systems
  • Tax treatment of pension contributions, funds and pay-out
  • Disability and survivorship pensions
  • Annuitization of pensions
  • Health benefits for the aged population
  • The political economy of Pension reforms
  • Case studies and examples were presented for discussion

The list of speakers included recognized experts in Pensions from the World Bank as well as from other international organizations. Academics, private consultants and policy makers from all over the world were invited to participate as speakers.

The course was delivered in English. Simultaneous interpretation into other languages also were available based on the number of participants registered who request these services.

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