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Regional Conference on Pensions for the Middle East & North Africa

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Regional Conference on Pension Reforms in the Middle East and North AfricaAs part of the continuing effort of capacity building in policy making in the area of pensions, the World Bank organized a Regional Conference on Pension Reforms for the Middle East and North Africa. The objective of the conference was to provide the participating countries with an opportunity to share experiences in recent reform initiatives and identify country specific reform options for their pension systems. The conference was held in Limassol, Cyprus, from December 9 to 11, 2007.

Target Audience

The targeted audience was high level policy makers and experts from the ministries of Labor, Finance, Planning, Social Affairs, Social Security Institutions, and public and private stakeholders. Key topics  included: pension reform options, governance and administration of social security institutions, investment policies and ways to extend coverage and strengthen the robustness and transparency of pension systems.

The agenda for the conference can be viewed here. (PDF, 28Kb) 

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