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Labor Market Policy Core Course: Jobs for a Globalizing World

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March 31 - April 11, 2008  - Washington, DC, USA

Labor Market Core Course 2008

“Jobs for a Globalizing World: Labor Market Policy”  was a two week course offering a unique  learning experience on how employment is being transformed in today's rapidly changing, globalizing environment. The course identified key labor market challenges within the context of overall poverty reduction and other economic and social development goals, and explores what policy makers and others can do about them.  It was built on the latest research findings by the World Bank and other academic and research institutions, as well as on practical lessons learned from country experiences.

The content of the course focused specially on developing and transition countries. The course featured parallel sessions, focusing separately on labor issues in low-income and middle income countries. This structure allowed a more in-depth exploration of the policy options for each setting. Participants also had the opportunity to present and discuss challenging labor market issues in their own country, and worked toward solutions with other participants and experts.

The course adopted a mix of learning methods, including presentations based on the latest World Bank knowledge, case studies of country reforms, team-based exercises, role-play, and hands-on experience with the latest modeling tools. The course was taught by experts from the World Bank, top academic and research institutions, and other leading agencies. This course comprised five inter-related and complementary modules:

  • Understanding Labor Markets
  • Creating Jobs: Investment Climate and Skills Development
  • Balancing Flexibility and Security: Labor Market Institutions 
  • Supporting Workers: Active and Passive Labor Market Policies
  • Labor Market Challenges

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