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Social Protection Responses to the Three Waves of Crisis: Finance, Food & Fuel

South-South Learning Forum 2009

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Social Protection Responses to the Three Waves of Crisis: Finance, Food & Fuel 
The current global crisis may force many households into the sale of the assets their livelihoods depend on, withdrawal of their children from school, inadequate use of health care, inadequate diets and resulting malnutrition.
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Cairo- Egypt, June 15-18, 2009

The World Bank is organizing a global South-South Learning Forum to share knowledge and to stimulate South-South learning on social protection responses to address the triple wave of global economic crises i.e. finance, food and fuel.

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The objective of the Learning Forum is to exchange knowledge and identify best practices with respect to social protection responses (safety net, labor market, etc.) in dealing effectively with these ongoing crises throughout middle income, low income and fragile contexts.

The Learning Forum will involve over 150 policy makers and practitioners for a series of face-to-face learning events, and the virtual participation of country based experts via distance learning technology. Participants will represent a range of policy interests (finance/economy/social sectors), drawn from national governments, donor community, civil society, academia and the private sector.

The Learning Forum will feature a series of plenary and parallel sessions to share best practices, expertise and emerging responses in dealing with the three waves of crises.

  • The plenary sessions will take stock of the impacts of the financial, food and fuel crisis to date and the degree to which social protection or alternative responses have been applied. Country examples will focus on the institutional challenges of establishing and scaling up responses in crisis, including implications for reform, role of different actors and priority vis-à-vis other national interests.
  • The parallel learning sessions will focus on practical - ‘how to’ - aspects highlighting key challenges, innovations and adaptations in social protection response across different contexts. Sessions will be tailored to meet the experiences of participants working across low, middle income and fragile contexts, this includes: (i) ‘Drill down sessions’ on adapting social protection interventions to different crisis contexts, including conditional cash transfers, public works, school feeding, unemployment benefit adjustments(ii) Informal and market based mechanisms including remittances, open market food based operations (iii) Role of different institutional actors including civil society in fragile states (iv) Mechanisms to address the needs of specific categorical groups including women, disabled and children. (v) Initiatives and networks to promote collaboration across the community of SP practitioners.

The Learning Forum will showcase first-hand country experiences and promote South-South knowledge sharing. Sessions will be anchored in as much as possible around unfolding country experiences. Distance Learning technology will enable outreach to country teams through shadow-conferences based around the core-agenda.

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