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E-Waterexpo: Water, a Unique Resource

Water, a Unique Resource
July 10, 2008

With some 263 rivers around the world that cross the boundaries of two or more nations, and an untold number of international groundwater aquifers, transboundary water management is increasingly seen as necessary to avoid conflict, reduce environmental degradation and achieve economic growth.

In this session, several experts and key players in river basins will share their experiences in African and formulate a set of recommendations to identify incentives to get countries and stakeholders together around the dialogue table, to assess the pros and cons of those incentives and to communicate and negotiate with each other about win-win solutions.

Watch the Video Highlights and Interviews:

Session Highlights


Maria Mutagamba – Uganda


Rafael Romeo – Spain (en Español)


Raymundo J. Garrido – Brazil



WBI & GDLN teamed up to host the Expo's Virtual Pavilion, where experts in water and all interested peoples came together to learn, discuss and propose solutions to diverse water-related challenges.


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