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Policy and Programs
Policy and Programs

The Policy and Programs domain provides information about issues at national, international, and institutional levels. It also contains information specific to such program areas as higher education, community education, teacher in-service training, professional continuing education, military training, vocational education and children's education. It deals with such issues as those arising from the policy decision to establish a distance education system in the first place.

Different policy considerations come into play in dealing with competing educational interests within a country or within an institution. National policies focus on resource management, particularly setting up procedures for rationalizing the use of technologies as a distance education resource. A perennial concern focuses on quality of programs and is manifested in policies regarding regulation, monitoring and accrediting of distance education delivery systems.

Within distance teaching institutions there is a similar range of policy issues, including questions of balancing the resources allocated for distance education against those of conventional provision, and the different roles of teaching faculty. One of the most sensitive policy issues of the present day concerns the role of distance teaching institutions in teaching in foreign countries, and the response of national educational authorities to this encroachment.

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