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The Governance group supports the collection, rigorous analysis, careful interpretation, and transparent dissemination of data for empirical research, capacity-building, and learning programs. The data and associated analysis and research does not necessarily reflect the views of the institution or its executive directors, and care needs to be exercised in its use and interpretation as per detailed description in each dataset. Some datasets listed below are accessible for interactive interface with the web user as an 'e-learning' tool.

Visit our interactive data page for a quick access to the interactive governance datasets.

NEW: Web-Interactive Inventory of Datasets and Empirical Tools

NEW: Executive Opinion Survey in the Global Competitiveness Report 2004-2005 - World Economic Forum.

    1. Worldwide Governance Research Indicators Dataset, 1996–2004 and Interactive Web Access (or view related publications)

    2. Corporate Corruption/Ethics Indices 2004 (Papers and Data)

    3. World Business Environment Survey 2000

    4. Transition Economies Enterprise Survey (BEEPS, 1999/2000 and 2002 (or view related publications)

    5. World Development Report Business Survey 1997

    6. Unofficial Economy Dataset

    7. In-Country Diagnostic Surveys

    8. Data Group (General, DEC)

    9. General Research Datasets (DEC)

    10. On Institutional Quality Indicators (PREM)

    11. Other Data Links

    12. Ongoing Internet-Based Surveys

I. Worldwide Governance Research Indicators Dataset, 2004

This paper presents estimates of six dimensions of governance covering 209 countries and territories for fivetime periods: 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2004. These indicators are based on several hundred individual variables measuring perceptions of governance, drawn from 37 separate data sources constructed by 31 different organizations. We assign these individual measures of governance to categories capturing key dimensions of governance, and use an unobserved components model to construct six aggregate governance indicators in each of the four periods. We present the point estimates of the dimensions of governance as well as the margins of error for each country for the four periods. These margins of error are not unique to perceptions-based measures of governance, but are an important feature of all efforts to measure governance, including objective indicators. We also address various methodological issues, including the interpretation and use of the data given the estimated margins of error, significance of changes over time, and correlation between governance and income.

View the 2004 Governance Research Indicators Dataset

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II. World Business Environment Survey (WBES)

The WBES, administered to enterprises in 80 countries and one territory, utilizes a standard core enterprise and fairly uniform survey methodology to generate indicators that allow comparisons across countries and over time.

View the WBES website

View the interactive WBES website

Publications utilizing the WBES:

Pathways Out of Poverty: Private Firms and Economic Mobility in Developing Countries (September 2003, Edited by G. Fields and G. Pfeffermann)

Investment Climate Around the World: Voices of the Firms from the World Business Environment Survey (May 2003, G. Batra, D. Kaufmann and A. Stone)

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III. Transition Economies Enterprise Survey (BEEPS)

The Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS), developed jointly by the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, is a survey of managers and owners of firms across the countries of Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and Turkey designed to generate comparative measurements of the quality of governance, the investment climate and the competitive environment, which can then be related to different characteristics of the firm and to firm performance. The first round of the BEEPS was conducted in 1999 and the data is accesible interactively at The second round of the survey (BEEPS II) was conducted in 2002 and the results are available at

View publications on transition economies

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IV. World Development Report 1997 Business Survey

The purpose of the survey was to better understand the constraints imposed by government action that hinder development of private business. This data covers 67 countries.

View the WDR 1997 Business Survey Data Set

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V. Unofficial Economy Dataset

This dataset contains measures of the unofficial economy for 69 countries across the world. An exposition and analysis of this data can be found in the Journal of Public Economics paper "Dodging the Grabbing Hand."

Download Unofficial Economy data (134 kb Excel spreadsheet)

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VI. In-Country Diagnostic Surveys

Diagnostic survey results and data for many countries, including Paraguay, Cambodia, Latvia, Albania, and Slovakia.

View the capacity building and diagnostic surveys website

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VII. Data Group (General, DEC)

The Data Group's homepage has a comprehensive listing of the World Bank's country and regional data, including data profiles, country at a glance tables, indicator tables, sectoral data, a data query, advice on methods and modelling tools for working with data, some sample maps, and a listing of data publications.

View the Data Group website

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VIII. General Research Datasets (DEC)

Search World Bank datasets or view them by topic.

View the General Research Datasets webpage

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IX. On Institutional Quality Indicators (PREM)

In response to the interest in measuring the performance of governments using indicators of governance and institutional quality, this website provides access to many existing indicators, by indicator source for all countries. It also provides a brief "User's Guide" to help in selecting the indicators that are most appropriate for one's particular purposes.

View the Institutional Quality Indicators website

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X. Other Data Links

Links to other data resources at the World Bank and around the world.

View the other data links

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XI. Web-based Surveys

Two Ongoing Internet-Based Surveys:

  • Take the Two-Minute Governance Mini-Survey

  • Take the Youth Survey on Anti-Corruption (if you're less than 30 years old)


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