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Governance Diagnostic Capacity Building
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Governance Diagnostics

This guide describes with concrete examples the characteristics and implementation procedures of WBI's governance and diagnostic tools. Download each PDF and print it out, or view it within your browser. Please send us your comments or suggestions.

The guide consists of the following sections:

  • Introduction (35 kb PDF)

    • Helping Countries Build and Implement Effective Anti-Corruption Strategies

  • Introduction to the Surveys

    • Governance and Anti-Corruption Diagnostic Surveys (17 kb PDF)
    • Main Characteristics of Survey Diagnostics
  • Survey Instruments—Sample Questionnaires

  • Survey Reports—A few illustrations

    • Country Diagnostic Websites: Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, Honduras, Indonesia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Paraguay, Peru, Sierra Leone, Zambia

  • Guide for In-Country Coalitions and Practitioners

  • Examples of Outcomes

  • Additional Governance Tools (37 kb PDF)

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