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The Caspian Environment Program
CEP- Matched Small Grants Program
Industrial pollution prevention and decrease
Domestic wastes pollution reduction and management
Biodiversity protection and management
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    Biodiversity protection and management

    Projects aimed at sturgeon recovery predominated in this category, with 3 projects totaling $231K or 25% of total distributed resources.

    “Brackish water culture of sturgeons in coastal regions of the Caspian Sea” project (Gilan Province, Iran, grant $96K) is expected to contribute to the conservation of sturgeon by testing and identifying operational procedures for sturgeon production in brackish waters through the establishment of a rearing site and producing sturgeon fingerlings. Despite the bad weather conditions in Gilan province in winter months and consequent delays in construction of the rearing site, the forth part of fingerlings was already stocked and the project planned to be completed by the end of this year.

    As a part of a larger WB initiative on increasing capacity to breed sturgeon, the project, “Procurement and installation of marine stationary nets for capturing of sturgeon breeders for the hatcheries of the Azerbaijan Republic (Neftchala district, Azerbaijan, $ 74,850), will provide hatcheries with broodstock by constructing four stationery capturing points on sturgeon migratory paths on Kura river. The project is planned to start in summer 2004 and be completed within 12 months.

    The restoration of ecosystem and the cleaning of hatchery grounds in the Ural river is the goal of the project, “Increasing Depth and Bottom Clean-up Activities of Ural River” (West Kazakhstan Oblast, Kazakhstan, $60,000). Initiated by state Water Ways Enterprise, the project intends to increase the company’s dredging capacity by purchasing dredging equipment and performing dredging of the Ural river bed. The project is planned to start in summer 2004 with the completion in June 2004.

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