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The Caspian Environment Program
CEP- Matched Small Grants Program
Industrial pollution prevention and decrease
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Biodiversity protection and management
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    Health and social-economic issues

    Provision of safe drinking water was the main issue addressed by all four projects in this section. All countries, except Iran, had one project in this category. The total amount of project costs for this topic was $147K, or 16% of total.

    Establishing and Sustaining a drinkable water supply for Guba town and five settlementsproject (north Azerbaijan, grant $14K) is aimed at providing 35,000 people of the Guba region with clean drinking water through the improvement of filtration system at the water intake point and by the protection of water catchment area from livestock use. Presently, the construction of the filtration system is nearly finished and all preparatory works are done for fencing the catchment area. The project is expected to be completed in September 2003. (See photos 9A, B, and C)

    The project, “Modular Complex elaboration to provide small settlements with drinking water” (Astrahan region, Russia, $70,000), is aimed at solving drinking water problems in small settlements. It includes the design and preparation for production of a small treatment plant, as well as a pilot installation of one plant in Karalat village, which houses 1200 people. The project activities will start in summer 2004 and will be concluded within 12 months.

    The provision of drinking water and some electricity to a small village of 250 people in the desert areas of the Caspian coast is the objective of the project, “Power and water supply with solar and wind energy utilization at Caspian Seashore (Giyanly village, north of Turkmenbashi town, Turkmenistan, $22,470). The project will produce, on a pilot basis, an integrated unit to provide water purification and electricity for remote settlements with small populations. The project is at the initial stage and is to be completed by March 2004..

    The project, Provision of the population of the Caspian region of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Atyrau and Mangystau regions), with quality drinking water” (Kazakhstan, $40,000), is aimed at the improvement of the drinking water in the supply water pipeline “Atyrau-Mangystau”. The project includes the determination and analysis of the water quality in the pipeline, and the designing and the construction of the pilot installation (10 c. m./day) to improve the current water quality in five villages along the pipeline. The project is ready to start the implementation in late June 03 and is planned to be completed by February 04.

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