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The World Bank gathers and shares a wide range of social and economic measures of development data to improve understanding of the challenges faced in each of the countries it assists.

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Country Summaries:                               
     Millennium Development Goals for United Arab Emirates targets for reductions in poverty, improvements in health and education and protection of the environment (more
     United Arab Emirates Country Data Profile  - intended for cross-country comparisons.  

     Information/ Communications/ Telecommunications (ICT), ICT infrastructure & access, Computers and the Internet, ICT expenditures, and ICT business & government environment. 
     Gender - country data sheets showing summary gender indicators, basic demographic data, population dynamics, labor force structure, and education and health statistics.
     Health Nutrition Population - summary indicators for health issues.
     Education - data on key education topics.
     Investment Climate Snapshot - indicators of the cost of doing business by identifying specific regulations that enhance or constrain business investment, productivity, and growth (more)
    -  Entry Regulations (about)
    -  Labor Regulations (about)

    -  Contract Enforcement (about)
    -  Credit Markets (about)

    -  Bankruptcy (about)
      National External Debt - total external debt (joint OECD, Bank for International Settlements, IMF, World Bank) 

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