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Regional Workshops

The Bank co-sponsors workshops. It is an important activity for the Bank to share its global knowledge and experiences with its client countries. The workshops have provided the clients with international experience and practices in implementing decentralization, and facilitated public discussions on key issues on decentralization. 

Bullet Arrow Shape Regional Workshops

We co-sponsor workshops with governments and other donors to facilitate discussions and debates on key issues around decentralization. Those are being conducted both at the national level and state levels with participants from central, state, and local governments, representatives of donor agencies, scholars and other practitioners of development. These events have shown to be a useful instrument to support discussions and to further evaluate the agenda of decentralization in the countries of the region.

Bullet Arrow Shape Lunch Time Seminars

We conduct lunch-time seminars to share knowledge and learning about decentralization. We select various topics, and invite speakers from both inside and outside the Bank, public and private institutions, and different countries.

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