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Conference on New Challenges for Land Policy and Administration

Sustainable Rural and Urban Development

Image for Challenges conferenceConference on Challenges for Land Policy and Administration
February 14-15, 2008
Washington, D.C.

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The 2008 WDR, along with increased emphasis on good governance, and a focus on legal empowerment of the poor, have further highlighted the importance of land tenure and land access for economic development and poverty reduction. In response to this and to the land tenure challenges posed by rapid urbanization, rising food prices, and climate change, the land policy-related operational and analytical portfolio by the Bank and its development partners has been expanding considerably.

Against this background, the workshop aims to update operational staff on new developments in the field, facilitate exchange of good practice across regions, and intensify the dialogue between practitioners and analysis, to ensure that the lessons from promising new approaches can be appropriately learned. This is expected to benefit the design of land management apects of operations, and better inform the discussion of land policy issues in country strategies and policy lending.

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