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World Bank Development Research Programs

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Thumbnail image for climate control programClimate Change  
The research covers issues of climate change impacts and adaptation for developing countries; national and international possibilities for mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions; and opportunities and challenges for international responses to climate change.
ConflictEconomics of Conflict 
This research studies three pivotal areas in post-conflict development: democracy and service delivery, powersharing and peace, and informed macroeconomic policy and development. 
EA Prospects Icon

East Asia's Economic Prospects 
This research aims to identify and analyze some of the principal drivers of current and future growth in the major economies of the region.

Finance Research

Finance and Private Sector Development
This research focuses on understanding the role of the financial and private sectors in promoting economic development, and reducing poverty and identifying policies to improve their effectiveness.

Human Development & Public Services

Human Development & Public Services 
This research examines factors that contribute to human development, especially in the areas of health, education and social protection, how to improve the coverage and quality of services and broader institutions in support of human development, and the effective use of aid.

International Migration & Development 
This research includes extensive data-gathering and analysis on the development impact of migration, so as to identify migration policies, regulations and institutional reforms that will lead to improved development outcomes.


Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS) 
This research provides datasets and methodological lessons from the LSMS household surveys, important tools in measuring and understanding poverty in developing countries.
Macroeconomics & Growth

Macroeconomics & Growth 
This research seeks to identify the factors behind the diversity in aggregate economic performance across the world and understand how it is affected by policy and institutional changes under different country circumstances.

PovertyPoverty & Inequality 
This research aims to improve current data and methods of poverty and inequality analysis, and use it to better understand the effectiveness of specific policies to reduce poverty and inequality.
Sustainable Rural and Urban Development

Sustainable Rural and Urban Development 
This research aims to formulate sustainable policies to support rural and urban development, and poverty reduction.


Trade & International Integration 
This research seeks to better understand the role of international trade in goods and services, foreign direct investment, and migration, in economic development.


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