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Sustainable Rural and Urban Development

The research program on rural and urban development, infrastructure, and the environment covers many aspects of and interactions within the rural-urban space. Poverty is a rural phenomenon in many countries (75 percent of the world’s poor live in rural areas), but in fast urbanizing countries poverty is increasingly becoming a predominantly urban phenomenon. With climate change becoming a focus of international policy debates, the research program on this topic has expanded significantly. Through its in-house Spatial Analysis Unit, the team has also developed a strong capability in the spatial analysis of economic issues including the use of Geographical Information Systems. More about the program

Research Highlights 2008 

Acting Research Manager: Peter Lanjouw

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Wind Power Development : Economics and Policies
March 2009 - Only 1 percent of the global electricity demand is currently derived from wind power despite 40 percent annual growth in wind generating capacity over the past 25 years. Prospects for further wind power development are explored.
Working paper 4868

Orange triangular bullet for highlight boxesConference on Land Governance in Support of the Millennium Development Goals
March 9-10, 2009  -  The conference explored the impact of the legal and institutional frameworks on gender-differentiated property rights to land, how public and private land is managed and can be acquired or transferred, and how conflicts surrounding land ownership can be resolved.
Agenda and Papers 

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Climate Change: Likely Impacts on African Crops, Livestock & Farm Types 
June 2008 - New research quantifies for the first time how climate change might affect net farm revenue from both crops and livestock across 16 agro-ecological zones in Africa.

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