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External Compliance Monitoring Group

External Compliance Monitoring Group (ECMG)

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the pipeline project has strict legally binding requirements and specifications. Compliance with this plan and monitoring are very important to the World Bank Group to ensure that the obligations under the EMP are met. To assist both the World Bank Group and the Lender Group an External Compliance Monitoring Group (consultant firm D'Appolonia S.p.A. of Italy) was hired to monitor and evaluate the performance of COTCO,TOTCO, the Upstream Operator (Esso Chad), and the two Governments in implementing their environmental commitments. The ECMG made at least four site visits every year until the project completion date, and confers with the project companies' representatives, the affected populations, NGOs, and other parties responsible for environmental compliance monitoring. All ECMG reports are public documents.

Third Post-Project-Completion Site Visit - February 2007

Second Post-Project-Completion Site Visit - November 2005

First Post-Project-Completion Site Visit - December 2004

Tenth Site Visit - April and May 2004

Ninth Site Visit - October and November 2003

Eighth Site Visit - May 2003

Mission to Evaluate Three Archeological Sites in Cameroon - April 2003

Seventh Site Visit - January 2003

Sixth Site Visit - September and October 2002

Fifth Site Visit - April and May 2002

Fourth Site Visit - January 2002

Third Site Visit - October 2001

Second Site Visit - June 2001

 First Site Visit - March 2001

Terms of Reference for the EMP Compliance Monitoring Consultant

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