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Project Monitoring

Collège de Contrôle et de Surveillance des Revenues Pétroliers (CCSRP)

The Revenue Management Program (the World Bank's condition for supporting the project) called for the establishment of a petroleum oversight committee to monitor the use of petroleum revenues. This committee, the Collège de Contrôle et de Surveillance des Ressources Pétrolières (CCSRP), includes representatives of the Government, Parliament, Supreme Court and civil society. Direct oil revenues can be neither allocated nor disbursed toward specific programs without the approval of the oversight committee.

International Advisory Group (IAG)

At the time of Board approval of the pipeline project, the Bank's management appointed an International Advisory Group (IAG) in addition to the other supervision mechanisms for the project to advise the Bank on implementation issues, including those that need to be addressed to achieve fully the project's broader development objectives. Go here for a more detailed description and reports

External Compliance Monitoring Group (ECMG)

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the pipeline project has strict requirements and specifications. To assist both the World Bank Group and the Lender Group to monitor compliance with the plan, an External Compliance Monitoring Group  was hired to monitor and evaluate COTCO,TOTCO, the Upstream Operator (Esso), and the two Governments' ability to implement their environmental commitments. Go here for a more detailed description and reports.

 World Bank Inspection Panel

The  Inspection Panel was created in 1993 to provide an independent forum to private citizens who believe that they or their interests could be directly harmed by a project financed by the World Bank.  The Panel receives requests for inspections, makes an independent assessment of  Bank Management's response to each, and recommends to the World Bank's Board of Directors whether the claims should be investigated.

Comité Technique National de Suivi et de Contrôle (CTNSC)

The CTNSC is Chad's interministerial committee responsible for monitoring and following up on the environmental and social impacts of the project.  It was created in July 1997.  It is also responsible for overseeing the implementation of the World Bank's Petroleum Sector Management Capacity Building Project. Their reports can be found here.

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