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Senior Management

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World Bank
President Robert B. Zoellick
Managing Director Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Managing Director Mahmoud Mohieldin
Managing Director Caroline Anstey
Acting World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer Charles McDonough
Senior Vice President and Chief Economist Justin Lin
Senior Vice President and World Bank Group General Counsel Anne-Marie Leroy
Vice President and WBG Chief Ethics Officer Xian Zhu
Vice President and Corporate Secretary Jorge Familiar Calderon
Vice President, External Affairs Cyril Muller
Vice President and Network Head, Human Development Tamar Manuelyan Atinc
Vice President and Network Head, Operations Policy and Country Services Joachim von Amsberg
Vice President for Institutional Integrity Leonard McCarthy
Vice President, Corporate Finance and Risk Management Van Pulley
Vice President , Controller (CTR) Charles McDonough
Vice President, Latin America and the Caribbean Hasan Tuluy
Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information Management and Technology Stephanie von Friedeburg
Vice President, Human Resources Sean McGrath
Vice President, Middle East and North Africa Inger Andersen
Vice President, East Asia and Pacific Pamela Cox
Vice President, Europe and Central Asia Philippe Le Houerou
Vice President, Africa Makhtar Diop
Vice President and Network Head, Financial and Private Sector Development Janamitra Devan
Vice President and Treasurer Madelyn Antoncic
Vice President and Group Chief Risk Officer Robert Kopech
Vice President, World Bank Institute Sanjay Pradhan
Vice President, Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships Axel van Trotsenburg
Vice President and Network Head, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Otaviano Canuto
Vice President, South Asia Isabel Guerrero
Vice President and Network Head, Sustainable Development Rachel Kyte
Director General, Independent Evaluation Group Caroline Heider
Vice President and Auditor-General, Internal Auditing Clare Brady
Executive Vice President and CEO Lars Thunell
Vice President, Asia Pacific Karin Finkelston
Vice President, Eastern and Southern Europe, Central Asia and MENA Dimitris Tsitsiragos
Vice President, Global Industries Rashad Kaldany
Vice President, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Western Europe Thierry Tanoh
Vice President, Risk, Finance and Strategy Saadia Khiari
Vice President, Treasury and Information Technology Jingdong Hua
Vice President, Human Resources, Communications, and Administration, International Finance Corporation Dorothy H. Berry
Vice President and General Counsel Rachel Robbins
Vice President, Business Advisory Services Snezana Stoiljkovic
Executive Vice President Izumi Kobayashi
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Michel Wormser
Director and General Counsel, Legal Affairs and Claims Group Ana-Mita Betancourt
Director, MIGA Asia Hub Kevin Lu
Director, Operations Group Edith Quintrell
Director and Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Risk Management Group Lakshmi Shyam-Sunder
Director, Economics and Policy Group Ravi Vish

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