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Apr 19, 2012New Database Shows Three Quarters of World’s Poor Are “Unbanked”Press Release
Apr 18, 20123 out of 5 People in Developing Countries Lack Safety NetsPress Release
Apr 18, 2012World Bank Flash - Close the Gap: Safety Nets WorkPress Release
Apr 16, 2012Statement from Dr. Jim Yong Kim regarding his selection by the World Bank's Executive Directors as 12th President of the World BankPress Release
Apr 16, 2012Zoellick Congratulates Dr. Jim Yong Kim as New World Bank Group PresidentPress Release
Apr 16, 2012World Bank’s Executive Directors Select Dr. Jim Yong Kim 12th President of the World Bank GroupPress Release
Apr 10, 2012IDB, World Bank and CAF Call for Consolidating Sustained Growth with Social InclusionPress Release
Apr 10, 2012World Bank Announces Open Access Policy for Research and Knowledge, Launches Open Knowledge RepositoryPress Release
Mar 30, 2012World Bank, India see Bank’s Continued Key Role in IndiaPress Release
Mar 30, 2012India’s industry leaders meet World Bank Group President Zoellick on tiger, biodiversity conservationPress Release

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