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Promoting Economic Cooperation in South Asia
Promoting Economic Cooperation in South Asia: There are two faces of South Asia. The first South Asia is dynamic, growing rapidly, highly urbanized. The second is largely agricultural, land-locked, exhibits high poverty, suffers from many conflicts, and is lagging.
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- How internet kiosks have helped soy farmers in Madhya Pradesh to earn more from their crop - May 10
- Groundwater Study - Mar 10
- Job Creation in South Asia - Oct 09
- Secondary Education in India - Oct 09
- Moving Out of Poverty - June 09
- Climate Change Impacts in Drought and Flood Affected Areas - May 09
- Getting Finance in South Asia - Mar 09
- Sparing Lives: Better Reproductive Health for Poor Women - Mar 09
- HIV and AIDS in South Asia: An Economic Development Risk - Feb 09
- People with Disabilities in India: From Commitments to Outcomes, Sep 08
- New Global Poverty Estimates What this means for India, Aug 08
- Accelerated Growth and Development in the Lagging Regions of India - Feb 08
- Unleashing India's Innovation to sustain economic growth, Oct 07
- Corporate Responses to HIV/AIDS: Case Studies - India, Jul 07
- Jharkhand: Challenges of Inclusive Development, Jun 07
- A Case Study of India's Horticulture: Apr 07
- India Country Environment Analysis: Apr 07
- India Development Policy Review: Apr 06
- Can South Asia End Poverty in a Generation? Sep 06
- Africa's Silk Road: China & India's New Economic Frontier: Sep 06
- Effects of China & India's Growth on Latin Am. & Carib. Sep 06
- Can Good Economics Ever be Good Politics? Power Sector Study
- Child Malnutrition in India among highest in the world, May 06
- Forest Reform can raise rural incomes, Apr 06
- Connecting the slums: a pro-poor approach in Bangalore, Feb 06
- Effects of Slum Improvement Programs in Mumbai Feb 06
- Rajasthan: Closing the Development Gap, Feb 06
- Water Supply & Sanitation: Bridging the Gap, Jan 06
- Water: Bracing for a Turbulent Future
- Bihar: Towards a Development Strategy
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